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Age: 11 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male

Occupations: Team Zaphara (Member #7)

Team Color: Golden Yellow

Aliases: Starchild, Chosen One

Symbolism: Flowers, Rabbits, Dice (or anything like, luck related), Butterflies

Aster is the seventh and youngest member of Team Zaphara. He is foretold by prophecy to be the most powerful character of them all, however Aster is just a child and has no clue about any of this prophecy or legendary lore mumbo jumbo. Aster is innocent and has a golden, pure heart. He dislikes fighting and violence and enjoys silly, childish activities, like chasing rabbits and catching butterflies and dragonflies with a butterfly net. Everyone on Team Zaphara absolutely adores Aster and would protect him with their lives in an instant. Inexperienced in battle, Aster brings trinkets into battle considering them to be weaponry. Like rollerskates, yo-yos, and jacks to trip up his foes. None of this is ever very effective but the true kicker to Aster vast potential is his insane luck. His luck never seems to run dry and he can basically meander through a raging battlefield just trying to follow a pretty butterfly and emerge on the other side without a scratch. While Aster is pure of heart and entirely innocent, he is guilty of being easily distracted and not very good at following directions because of this. Nobody knows anything about the true extent of Aster's cosmic, latent abilities, not even him. But one ability the team has discovered is that Aster has the extraordinary ability to boost the Team's power when all seven of them fight side by side. Aster can inspire all seven of them with his golden aura and boost their powers and strength sevenfold. Aster also has some more minor, passive abilities like slow falling sort of like floating down through air and increased jump height. Aster may only be a child with a very limited grasp of his unlimited power now, but he's got big, big things in his future.

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