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Broden Demros Phillips

Age: 14 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Team Zaphara (Member #1)

Team Color: Neon Blue #42f4e2

Aliases: Boy Genius

Symbolism: Neon Blue, Advanced Technology, Innovation and Creation, Clean and Tech-Enhanced Environments, Organized Government

Broden Demros Phillips is the man behind Team Zaphara and a major political figure as the heir to Andrew Phillips and the entire U.A.U industry. He is one of the most intelligent characters and is a master strategist, genius mechanic, and adept pilot, and not to mention the creator of the Danny Fresh AI. He is the only founding member of Team Zaphara without some form of supernatural power or mystical artifact, but that doesn't stop him from being a force to be reckoned with. Broden utilizes his own inventions: powerful and capable combat suits. These suits are highly equipped with everything from powerful laser firearms and energy shields to jet packs and sonic propulsion blasts. As time goes on and Broden learns lesson after lesson he continues to add upgrades to the newer models of his suits. By the grand climax, Broden's suits are almost impenetrable, with the ability to tank insane powerful blasts and dangerous climates like deep sea and even outer space environments. His tech has everything you can think of, making him even more of a threat than some characters with supernatural abilities. Although, much later into the series, Broden actually does obtain powers of his own, but they are extremely limited and actually pretty wimpy. He develops a sixth sense in the same vain as Gavin's abilities and can analyze the structural make-up of components with a glance of the naked eye and has very weak telekinetic abilities, but this doesn't stop Broden from being enthralled by the fact that he has his very own powers even if it isn't much more than being able to bend spoons. Broden also is fascinated by the study of light and darkness energies and continues to find ways to incorporate these two forces into his technology. He invents hardlight, a new material consisting of manifested solid through channeled Holy Light energy, and Shadow Exosuits, a type of armor/weaponry that bonds to the wearer through sentience found in the shadow energy material. Broden is at first a very bright and aspiring kid who hasn't yet experienced the true burdens of his future, but after the death of his father and his inheriting of the U.A.U legacy, Broden becomes much more serious. He is a character overwhelmed by responsibility and consumed by the concept of legacy. He also once had a younger sister who went missing when he was a child, which he looks into once he becomes top dog. Running an entire worldwide industry is tough work for someone of Broden's age, especially when he begins to uncover some less than ethical operations and shady secret government operations going on behind closed doors that his father may have never disclosed to him. Through all his troubles, Broden repeatedly looks up to his ancestor for whom he is named, Demros Phillips, the founder of his legacy. Broden may be the man on top of the world, but the crown weighs heavy on the head that wears it.

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