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Alex Chitsazzadeh (Chich)

Age: 14 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Team Zaphara (Member #5)

Team Color: Like, Jolly Rancher's Green Apple Flavor

Aliases: Chich, Chuck

Symbolism: Cats/Lions, Hearts (like, courage/cowardice)

Alex Chitsazzadeh, known throughout the series by his nickname, Chich, is the fifth member of Team Zaphara and wielder of the mystical artifact known as the Seraph's Stone. He is one of the more focal protagonist's of the series and is arguably the main character. Chich uses the Seraph's Claws in combat, a melee weapon invented by Broden to channel the Holy Light energy that flows through Chich into claws akin to Wolverine. Throughout the series, he also learns to channel the Holy Light in different ways, such as the Seraph's Wings, which are (surprise, surprise) a set of wings made from Holy Light that can be used for flight or even combat as they're razor sharp. He can also focus a powerful beam of pure Holy Light energy from the Seraph's Stone. Chich's fighting style is swift and agile, he focuses on getting his opponent's in inescapable combos and racking up a ton of damage without giving them a chance to fight back. He is very fast and packs quite a sting but in terms of defense he's not the greatest. As the wielder of the Seraph's Stone, Chich is foretold to be able to reach a transformation at the peak of his powers known as "Archangel," but in order to do this Chich must have a pure heart and reach the climax of his powers, pushing beyond his typical limits. As a member of Zaphara, Chich starts off very sheepish and wishy-washy. He's nervous about almost anything and is too obsessed with the downsides of every situation to make many definite decisions. He is accurately described by his teamate Edric as "too much of a wet napkin." However, as time progresses, Chich becomes more confident about things and himself, and even develops a very powerful sense of pride which begins to lead to problems of its own. Chich is known to have the most rivalries with different characters throughout the series including Robert, Nick, Elias, The Blue Puma, and more. Despite this, Chich is considered the primary hero of the story.

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