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Age: 17 (as of his introduction in Year 2)

Gender: Male

Occupation: B-Team

Team Color: Sort of a Cobalt Blue

Aliases: The Frostbound Phoenix

Symbolism: The image of the Frostbound Phoenix

Cole is a very eccentric and mysterious character, as well as one of the most powerful. His backstory remains a cloudy mystery and he expertly dodges all questions about the subject. All that is known is that he was first encountered in arctic climates and was renowned by the locals as "The Frostbound Phoenix." Cole has the phenomenal power to create ice in any shape and amplitude he desires. His most common battle techniques are raising massive clusters of sharp ice from the ground and freezing the floor to slip up his enemies. He has also been seen to form projectile icicles and even manifest frozen swords. He enjoys adding intricacy to his icy creations, engraving elegant patterns in them and twisting ice like magnificent sculptures even when it isn't necessary. The one major con to all these pros is that Cole has very limited manipulation over his ice, meaning he can create it but once it's been created he cannot alter or retract it in any significant way. Cole can be flamboyant and occasionally showy but he is typically very cool-headed and suave. He is a smooth-talker and very wise, being the most jaded of his teammates. More often than not he is the voice of reason for the team. As his powers are nearly limitless, he is one of the most powerful characters of the extended Zaphara character line-up, but he is rarely around. No one knows where he spends most of his time when he's not working alongside Zaphara or the B-Team, but Chich swears he saw him working as a cashier in the market district once, but only for a fleeting second before he vanished around a corner. No one believes him, of course. He was probably just imaging things.

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