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Age: 14 (as of his introduction in Year 2)

Gender: Male

Occupations: Team Zaphara (Member #6), Covert Sabotage Operative Strike Squadron

Team Color: neon f*cking wild sugar rush cherry red

Aliases: Eddy C, Cherry Bomb, Red Six, The Resident Local Angryman

Symbolism: The color red, lightning, any sort of grimy and smoggy metal industrial factory setting, 'X's

Edric joins Team Zaphara about a year into their tenure as a crime-fighting team. He is a very powerful individual brandishing control over destructive red lightning. He can fire this energy off at will. This power of his is directly proportional to his own anger, meaning the more wrathful he is, the more potent his attacks. These unique abilities are attributed to a connection to the Omega Seed, a mythical source of unlimited destructive energy. Not much is known about this energy source and how Edric is connected to it, but it is certain that Edric is a very powerful and destructive character. He is a very opinionated and ornery fellow and has a signature use of extremely hyperbolic speech. He often gets caught up in arguments with fellow teammates, most commonly Broden, as they have very conflicting political views. Edric maintains a very anti-establishment view in a very corporate world and specifically resents the U.A.U as an overbearing and oppressive authority figure. Because of his tension and conflict between Broden and himself, Edric spends a period of time gone rogue from Team Zaphara. During this time, he operates with a covert sabotage strike squadron under the codenames "Cherry Bomb" and "Red Six" and forms a sentimental bond with his teammates there, especially the squadron leader known as Coach. During this time, it's revealed that Edric is a skilled marksman and knows how to use various firearms and other covert and stealth weaponry. However, during one of their missions, Coach and the strike squadron are compromised and end up [SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS] and as a result Edric goes loco with angry-sad emotions and blows the every loving sh*t out of everything in like a twenty mile radius in a blind, berserker, lightning-fueled rage. He later reunites with Team Zaphara and agrees to work with them again. However, after his incident, Edric is very wary of his abilities, and desperately focuses on keeping boundaries and limits set for himself so as to not hurt his teammates on Team Zaphara.

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