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Zaphara Trivia and Fun Facts

001 - At their base forms, Antenoru and Chich are nearly perfectly matched in terms of combat. Their fighting styles even share striking similarities. However, their strength begin to diverge when their more unique fighting characteristics begin to shine through. For example, Antenoru's strength and speed increase exponentially with the intensity of the match, whereas Chich's abilities remain at a relatively static level with no major increases.

002 - Broden likes to challenge people to a game of chess whenever he has a one-on-one conversation with them. He has never once lost. However, he keeps a personal list of every challenger who has come close to besting him in his games. It's been hinted that this list is kept to categorize certain personnel of higher mental capacity for Broden to keep an eye on. This list consists of Craig, Cole, Gavin, Antenoru, Edric, and Nick. However, during his match with Nick, Broden was secretly monitoring Nick's brainwaves to make sure he didn't cheat using his time powers. Not only did he not use his time powers, but Broden also discovered that Nick had realized an opportunity where he could have won that not even Broden had noticed in the moment but opted to not take it and allow Broden to win with him being none the wiser. 

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