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Age: 14 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male

Occupation: B-Team

Team Color: Blueberry Blue

Aliases: none

Symbolism: Third Eye, Capabilities of a Higher Mind

Catchphrases: "...", "Ohh...", and "Wow."

Gavin is a man of few words. Throughout the series, he speaks very little and when he does he doesn't have much to say. Despite this, Gavin is probably one of if not the most intelligent characters in the Zaphara Universe. Not much is known about who he is or where he comes from. He kind of just showed up one day. He has confessed however, that he isn't very prone to showing emotion and commonly seems bored when he's actually having a pretty good time. He has telekinetic abilities which have been attributed to his IQ. After running a short analysis, Broden concluded that Gavin's abilities most likely originate from his use of the human brain beyond the normal human capacity. As a normal human being uses only about 10 percent of their brain, Gavin uses roughly 90. This allows Gavin to move objects with his mind, tap into other people's minds, and even teleport when he masters these abilities completely. Gavin is beyond powerful and completely unsuspecting to enemies. It's later revealed that Gavin has a sort of sixth sense that allows him to see into a plane of reality overlaying normal reality. This realm doesn't do much but allow Gavin a sort of inner peace as well as allowing him the insight of material composition at the glance of the naked eye (I elaborated more on this on Broden's bio page as he's the only other character to gain this type of power.) Gavin is also seen to be occasionally surrounded by a strange, unearthly force that's linked to the Third Eye. What could this mean? Is it connected to Gavin's telekinetic powers? Who knows...

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