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Henry Hawkins Hunter

Age: 14 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Team Zaphara (Member #3)

Team Color: Orange

Aliases: Hank, Big Red

Symbolism: The Sun

Henry is the third member of Team Zaphara and Nick Mortem's best friend. He wields the powerful weapon known as The GreenSun Gauntlet on his right arm. The Gauntlet provides Henry with enhanced strength and durability. During his early years as a member of Team Zaphara, he is only capable of using the strength and durability of the Gauntlet to his advantage; notable feats of strength Henry has accomplished with the gauntlet is lifting a naval battleship out of water, stopping a train with nothing but his palm, and punching an opponent through several buildings with a single blow. However, Henry begins to realize the true potential of the Gauntlet as time goes on. Not only does the strength scale to a cosmic level, he can also control a nearly limitless supply of burning solar energy and heat. He is able to fire blasts of solar energy like a finger gun and dish out blazing rings of fire by slamming the ground. He can also heat things to an insane extent by touching them. He can focus heat into the Gauntlet, causing the steel to burn and glow a molten orange color. This adds an insane power to his punches and the ability to melt things just by the heat of his touch. He also has some power over gravitational pulls, being able to pull certain things towards him by clenching his fist and making certain motions. He is also seen to develop the ability to call the Gauntlet to his bare hand with the use of a magic rune on his arm. One of Henry's most powerful abilities is Self-Destruct. As a result of wearing the Gauntlet, Henry's body is subject to a constant stream of solar radiation flowing into him. It collects inside of him like a reserve and in times of great stress, Henry can release this energy in a massive, destructive wave of energy similar to a nuclear bomb going on... depending on the amount of radiation he has stockpiled, of course. However, this of course deals a great amount of stress to Henry, and while he doesn't literally explode with the blast, he is usually guaranteed to be KO'd and knocked into a coma by this technique if the amount of released energy is anywhere near plentiful. The greatest drawback to this ability, though, is that Henry has no control or idea as to how to activate it. As a fighter, Henry relies on the power of his punches and his sturdy endurance to tank the competition, making him the team heavy hitter. In the story, Henry is a very lax character. He takes a lot of naps and eats a lot of food and doesn't seem to worry too often. However, he is seen to be thrust from his comfort zone time after time as the story progresses. He is an unlikely best friend to Nick but the two drift as the team spends less time together. Despite this, Henry still finds himself responsible for reeling Nick in whenever he goes off the deep end. I mean, what else are best bros for but beating the shit out of one another when one goes completely psychotic after some eldritch-ancestry time shenanigans gone wrong? While he can be a terrible procrastinator and extremely irresponsible at times, he is shown to have a deep and lasting affection for his team members and would go great lengths to protect them.

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