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Nicholas Charles Mortem

Age: 14 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Team Zaphara (Member #2)

Team Color: Purple #9b59b6

Aliases: The Prince of Time

Symbolism: Clocks, Spades, Royalty, Gears

Nicholas Charles Mortem is considered the leader of Team Zaphara. He is the sole heir to the Mortem bloodline and wields the legendary sword, The Iscariot. According to the Old Lore, The Iscariot is a sacred blade imbued with the very fabric of the timeline itself. Whether this is the source of Nick's ability to manipulate time to a degree or its supernatural abilities inherited from his ancestors, Nick surely possess the ability to tamper with time. During year 1 and his earlier years, he is very inept at controlling this ability, only being able to slow down time to a short extent and foresee the immediate future, allowing him to plan ahead of his enemies attacks. When he tried to push himself, he accidentally caused a time phenomenon that ended up repeating the same day over and over Bill Murray Groundhog Day style. This problem was fixed of course and Nick got a better handle on his abilities over time of course. By the grand climax, he's able to freely rewind time and even travel to different periods of time for short lengths before he tires his abilities out. Aside from his powers, he is also an expert swordsman, using The Iscariot, which is also renowned as an unbreakable blade. However, he does rely on his powers as a great crutch, meaning in any circumstance where abilities are restricted, he is very vulnerable as he instinctively relies on being able to apprehend or rewind any fatal attacks. Personality-wise, Nick can be very misanthropic and pessimistic. He is typically very scathing and unfriendly towards people, but he has a humor to him. He himself even fancies himself partial to showmanship, however he rarely reveals this side of himself to anyone outside of his very closest companions. He wields sarcasm nearly as much as he does The Iscariot and is generally a very difficult person to become close with. However, once a relationship is established, Nick is very loyal to those he holds dear, despite rarely showing affection. He is cool and collected but will let his rowdy side show when he wills it. Nick finds himself dealing with his mysterious bloodline and ancestry often. He technically owns a plot of land known as the "Deadwoods", within which resides the eerie Mortem Manor, and residing inside that is an ominous, looming grandfather clock that is foretold to be Nicholas's most important inherited treasure. Nick is not truly sure what that means and what secrets lie in the Mortem Manor and in the catacombs sleeping(?) with his ancestors, but one thing he does know for sure: Beware the 13th Hour.

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