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OLLIETRON (Subject X57)

Age: 13 (as of Year 1)

Gender: Male
Occupation: B-Team

Team Color: Neon Blue but not the same as Broden's lol

Aliases: Ollie, Oliver E. Tron

Symbolism: none really...

Ollietron is first introduced as a top secret government experiment. Part human, and part machine, Ollie's right arm, right half of his face, and everything below his shins is completely robotic. These cybernetic enhancements of his have allowed him to augment his body with advanced combative abilities, such as his most iconic means of attack: the concussive palm blast. Other abilities he can utilize thanks to his mechanical limbs include jet thruster soles, allowing flight, and advanced analysis scanning using his cybernetic right eye. He is first introduced as Subject X57. He spent the early years of his life kept in isolation from the public in government bunkers, left with nothing much more than computer screens for simulation programs. However, Ollie figured out how to get past the firewalls and spent most of his time playing video games and interacting with users on a small chatroom he'd come upon known as "Zaphara." Ollie also tracks the news as he hears of Team Zaphara hitting the scene as "modern day heroes of our time." He is inspired by this and it becomes his life's dream to become a crime-fighting hero like his friends from Zaphara. Ollie's day would come as his first time he is allowed to leave his confinement is when Broden, the creator of Team Zaphara, comes to find out what Program X57 is all about. He meets Ollie, and upon studying his biotech, is astounded to find the work incredibly similar to his own and even carrying the U.A.U signature. Broden remarks that had Ollie's technology not been so futuristic, he wouldn't have been able to discern it from his own work. This implies that Ollietron's maker is either a descendant of Broden's or perhaps a future version of Broden's self sending Ollie as a young child back in time during all the time shenanigans that take place throughout the timeline. If this is true then Ollie would kinda be like a younger brother to Danny Fresh lol. Ollie joins the B-Team in action. He can be clueless, childish, and reckless, often taking on opponents much tougher than he is, but his progress in combat skills is nearly unrivaled. He begins his career in crime-fighting with nearly zero experience, relying primarily on his cybernetic programming to guide him through fights, but by the grand climax, Ollie has become one of the most skilled fighters on the entire Zaphara roster, as well as having gained some newer and more powerful cybernetic upgrades. Ollie also has a heart of gold and is very heroic in nature. He is described by his teammates as the heart and soul of the B-Team.

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